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 Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked QuestionsQ.  What is different about Anytime Coffee and Snacks? A.  We know their are a lot of customers looking for varieties of Coffee, Creamers Snacks etc. that want maximum choice and minimum shipping. Q.  How do I contact... ..
 Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy1) This store does not collect demographic data and personal data . 2) Your transactional details will remain private and confidential. We will never sell, rent, barter or share your personal details in any way with any other company. All... ..
 About Free Shipping
About Free ShippingFree Shipping on Orders Over $39.99 to 48 States. We offer FREE Ground shipping via UPS Ground to the Continental United States.  It is simple, and you will see the $0.00 Shipping UPS Ground Shipping when you checkout.... ..
Redemption Points Program
Redemption Points ProgramThe more you buy, the more you earn!!  You will receive 50 points for every $100 that you spend.  You can then redeem those points for products on our website.  Just a way to say "Thank You" to... ..

  Categories & Products
 Cappuccino, Hot Choc's & Cider
Cappuccino's, Hot Chocolates and Apple Ciders.  Half of the population doesn't drink coffee.  The products in this category continue to grow every year.  They are fun, warm, soothing and satisfying.  Best Kept Secret:  Swiss Miss Apple Cider ..
 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Swiss Miss is consistently the best single serve hot chocolate product we have ever used.  It comes in an attractive 50 count box, suitable for display and distribution.  Available in Regular and "With Marshmallows".  "Regular Milk Chocolate" is pictured on... ..
 Swiss Miss "No Sugar Added" Hot Chocolate
Swiss Miss "No Sugar Added"  in simply fantastic.  We really like the fact that we can offer such a great tasting product in a no sugar added product.  Comes in a 24 count box suitable for display and distribution. "No... ..
 Coffeemate Creamer Store
Coffee-Mate Creamer Store.  We are constantly adding new products and flavors.  Our Non-Dairy Liquid Creamers do not require refrigeration.  Coffee Mate makes a great gift, even if you are giving it to yourself! Free Shipping to 48 States on Orders... ..
 Coffee Mate Liquid Creamers (50 Count Box)
Our Most Popular Creamer Choice, Nestle Carnation Coffee-Mate Creamer.  CoffeeMate Non Dairy Liquid Creamers are great products and are  available in high quality "office ready" dispenser boxes.  . Do not require refrigeration Fastest growing part of our business! Multiple flavors and *NEW*... ..
 Coffee Mate Creamy Chocolate (50 count)
Coffee-Mate Mocha Creamer.  Now get CoffeeMate with NO REFRIGERATION REQUIED 50 count boxes in delicious Coffee Mate Mocha.  The creamy taste of Mocha in a great 50 count individual cup box (designed for display). Coffee-Mate is our fastest growing product... ..
 CoffeeMate "Original" Liquid Creamer (50 count box)
Coffee-Mate Non-Dairy Creamer. No refrigeration needed. Gives coffee a personal touch and personalized taste. Packaging and Product are superb. They come in neat little boxes that can also serve as a storage container. This helps keep your coffee area orgranized.... ..
 CoffeeMate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer (50 count box)
Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer. No refrigeration needed. Gives coffee a personal touch and personalized taste. Packaging and Product are superb. They come in neat little boxes that can also serve as a storage container.   CoffeeMate French Vanilla is our... ..
 CoffeeMate Hazelnut Liquid Creamer (50 count box)
Coffee-Mate Non-Dairy Creamer. No refrigeration needed. Gives coffee a personal touch and personalized taste. Packaging and Product are superb. They come in neat little boxes that can also serve as a storage container. This helps keep your coffee area orgranized.... ..
 CoffeeMate Irish Creme Liquid Creamer (50 count box)
Coffee-Mate Irish Creme Non-Dairy Creamer. No refrigeration needed. What a great way to enhance your coffee.  Coffee Mate Irish Cream is one popular product.  People love their Irish Creme, and nobody does Irish Creme like CoffeeMate. Free UPS Ground Shipping... ..
 Coffee-Mate Creamer Canisiters
     Coffee Mate Creamer Canisisters.  Nothing is better than Coffee Mate.  Now available in convenient bulk canisters.  Original and New Flavors too! Free Shipping to 48 States on Orders Over $39.99 ..
 Coffee Mate "Original" Creamer (11 oz)
Colffee Mate Powder "Original" Creamer Canisters are palm oil free.  This great CoffeeMate Creamer is a significant upgrade to your coffee over "less expensive" alternatives.  For less than a penny a cup, you can really taste the difference        Free UPS Ground Shipping on... ..
 Coffee-Mate Fat Free "Lite" Creamer (11 oz)
Coffee Mate's Lite Creamer is in fact fat free.  This is just an added bonus.  In fact, in tastes test we have done, some prefer the Coffeemate Lite over Coffeemate Original creamer on taste alone! This is probably the most... ..
 Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Flavored Creamer (15 oz)
CoffeeMate French Vanilla Creamer Canister in the large 15 ounce version.  This is a LOT of French Vanilla Creamer, sure to last and last.  This is the most popular flavor in the Coffee Mate flavored creamer line and a best... ..
 Coffee Mate Hazelnut Flavored Creamer (15 oz)
Coffee-Mate Hazelnut Flavored Creamer in a 15 oz stay fresh, resealable container.  The second most popular coffeemate creamer flavor is number one to a large number of people.  Coffee Mate's perfect blend of sweetness and hazelnut make this a very special Coffee... ..
 Coffeemate Creamer Packets
Coffeemate Creamer Packets.  Individual servings of fresh Coffee-Mate products.  Each box contains 50 packets, good for 50 cups of coffee with Coffee Mate!! These packets contain Coffee Mate Powder Creamer.  The best creamer in the world!!  Individually sealed for ultimate... ..
 Coffee Mate Creamer Packets (1000 count)
Coffee Mate Original Creamer Packets in a bulk 1000 count box.  Great quality product, at a great bulk rate value price.  This is sure to keep your coffee just right, and the individually sealed packets keep your Coffee-Mate creamer in... ..
 Liquid Creamer Bulk Packs
Coffee-Mate Creamer Bulk Pack.  Now get your favorite products in a 180 count bulk pack.  Stock up on these great value products and save time and money. 180 Count No Refrigeration Required Free Shipping to 48 States on Orders Over... ..
 CoffeeMate Original Bulk Pack (180 count)
Coffee Mate Creamer "The Original" Liquid Creamer in bulk 180 count cases.  Great Product.  Great Value  Does not require refrigeration.  Coffee-Mate Non Dairy Creamers bulk pack.  Buy more, save more. Each case contains 180 individual liquid creamers. Free UPS Ground Shipping on... ..
Coffee Packages are for Drip Brewing.  Coffee Pods are for the Senseo Coffee Machine Individually Sealed and Packaged. Mix and Match!  Have Fun, try a variety, find your favorite, it's up to you! Free Shipping on orders over $39.99 to... ..
 Caribou Coffee
       Caribou Coffee.  There are many in our organization that believe that Caribou Coffee is the best coffee in the world at any price.  From selection of the beans to roast and grind, quality is everywhere. Individually Sealed Packages of... ..
 Caribou Blend Coffee (Medium Roast)
Caribou Coffee - Caribou Blend.  Our most popular Caribou Coffee." The secret of this blend's relaxed complexity is a rich hearty Indonesian bean, perfectly proportioned with Central American and South American varieties for lively fruit tones. The result is a... ..
 Caribou Coffee - DECAF - (Medium Roast)
Caribou Decaf Coffee.  "Best Decaf we have ever had". Period. " Big-bodied, syrupy taste with a clean, snappy finish. The secret of this blend's relaxed complexity is a rich hearty Indonesian bean, perfectly proportioned with Central American and South American... ..
 Caribou Coffee Cups (50 Count)
Caribou Coffee Cups.  These are our "We Proudly Brew Caribou Coffee" Hot Cups. Size Tall - 12 oz. Authentic Caribou Coffee Hot Cups 50 Count Sleeves Completes the Caribou Coffee Experience! Coffee Sleeves / Clutches Available Too Free Shipping on... ..
 Caribou Coffee Cup Clutch (50 Count)
Caribou Coffee Clutch / Insulating Sleeve.   Perfectly crafted to keep your hands cool while your coffee is hot.  Slides over our Caribou Coffee Hot Cup. 50 Count Fits Caribou Hot Cup - Size Tall (12 oz) Caribou Coffee, Cups and Clutches... ..
 Folgers Coffee
Folgers Coffee has done a remarkable job over the past several years of introducing exciting new, high quality coffee in individually sealed, perfect pot packages. America's Favorite Coffee, Folger's Coffee is now available for the perfect pot, perfectlly fresh everytime. ... ..
 Folgers Filter Pack Coffee (40 Count Case)
Folgers is now packaged in ultra convenient filter packs. The filters are even "color coded" (red for regular, green for decaf) for ease of use. Great Coffee.  No more spills or mess, easy to use, easier to enjoy!!  Each case... ..
 Folgers Filter Pack Decaf (40 count)
Folgers Filter Pack Coffee Decaffeinated.  Folgers Decaf Filter packs are the ultra convenient way to make your coffee in the morning.  No fuss, no mess.  Perfect for the office breakroom. Each box contains 4 individually sealed packs with 10 filter... ..
 Millstone Coffees
Millstone Coffee is one of our fastest growing brands.  Our pre measued, perfect pot size packages take all of the guess work out of making the perfect pot. The fact that they are individually sealed means you can use them... ..
 Starbucks Coffees
We are proud to offer Starbucks Coffee in  Premeasured Pot Size Packages.  Designed to brew a perfect pot of Starbucks Coffee everytime.  These individually sealed packages are always fresh!   ..
 Starbucks French Roast - Bold Roast
Starbucks French Roast Coffee is not for the timid. The hardiest of Latin American coffees withstand our darkest roast - an intensity which would burn less rugged beans. Blunt, smoky flavors are the objective of the roasting process and there's... ..
 Starbucks Sumatra Coffee - Bold Roast
Our Starbucks Sumatra has a full, syrupy body with virtually no acidity -- so the coffee's intensity lingers in your mouth. There's a capricious spirit that makes Starbucks Sumatra an adventurous coffee - regardless of its unpredictability, you should be... ..
 Starbucks House Blend Mild Roast
Starbucks House Blend is their signature blend and most popular coffee. Well balanced blend of Latin American coffees. Bright, Balanced, Smooth. This is absolutely one of the best corporate or holiday gifts money can buy.  There are lots of items... ..
 Starbucks Breakfast Blend - Mild Roast
Starbucks Breakfast Blend is light-bodied and light-roasted, and it will imbue your morning with its essence. This blend makes a bright impression as it sparkles and dances on your tongue - a sign of crisp acidity. A mild and flavorful... ..
 Starbucks Decaf House Blend Mild Roast
Enjoy Starbucks signature blend decaf. This clean-finishing decaf offers round smoothness in a balanced, straightforward cup of coffee. A Latin American blend that's a true coffee classic. Comes in  pre-measureed, individual packages.  Each package makes one full, strong pot.  Some... ..
 Starbucks Caffe Verona - Mild Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona Coffee.  Originally, Starbucks blended this for a Seattle restaurant as the ideal after-dinner coffee. The crisp acidity of the medium-bodied Latin American coffees is grounded with the earthy flavor of the Indonesian coffees. A sweetness gilds the coffee's... ..
 Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks.  When it comes to snacks, those that are "natural" or "fat free" are the fastest growing categories.  We have assembled some of your favorites. Like all of our snacks, they are individually sealed. Free Shipping on orders over... ..
 Low Fat / Fat Free Snacks
Low Fat and Fat Free Snacks.  Snack without worry.  Choose from your favorites. Individually Packaged and Sold Free Shipping on Orders over $39.99 to the 48 States ..
 Elfin Low Fat Crackers
Elfin Low Fat Animal Crackers by Keebler. Only 2.5 Grams of Fat per Serving. Light, crisp classic taste. Great snack for school, work, home or out on the trail. 2.12 oz Bag Perfect Snack Size Elfin Animal Crackers by Keebler... ..
 Fat Free Fig Newtons
Fat Free Fig Newtons. These tasty fig filled cookies are great to get you through the day in a healthy way. Two per pack in 2.1 oz packages. Try some today! Fat Free Fig NewtonsNo Saturated Fat 100 Calories per... ..
 Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers
Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers Snack Pack. These sweet crispy wafers are a great way to endulge your sweet craving without ruining your diet. 1.75 oz packaging makes them easy to take along with you wherever you go. Sugar Free Vanilla... ..
 Welch's Fat Free Fruit Snacks
Welch's Fat Free Fruit Snacks.  One of our top 5 products.  Mixed Berry is the most popular, but all sell well.  Eveyone seems to love them, and we are sure you will too. Authentic Welch's Fruit Snacks Fat Free 2.25... ..
 Nature Valley Granola Bars
Nature Valley Granola Bars.  We always carry the three most popular flavors.  These crunchy, natural granola bars two packs are filling and satisfying. Oats n Honey Peanut Butter Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Bar Free Shipping on Orders Over $39.99 ..
 Nature Valley Oats N Honey
Nature Valley Granola Bars - Oats N Honey. Our most popular granola bar and has been for almost 15 years! People just love the all natural oats and honey taste in the little green packages. Nature Valley Granola Bars Oats... ..
 Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola
Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Bar.  One of the most popular entries in the granola bar category in years.  Quality, chewy granola dipped in almond butter coating.  Bursting with Almonds!  Young and old alike seem to really love this bar!... ..
 Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Trail Mix Bar
Nature Valley Fruit and Nut Granola Bar.  100% natural and a good source of whole grain.  This perfect bar is great for snacking on the go.  Full of flavor and energy without the guilt. 1.2 oz Almond, Raisin, Peanut and... ..
 Nature Valley Peanut Butter
Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola.  Traditional, high quality, crunchy granola.  Great for all natural energy with peanut butter. 1.5 oz package Contains two bars Crunchy Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola Free Shipping on orders over $39.99 ..
 Snyders of Hanover Pretzels
Snyders of Hanover Pretzels.  Perfect snack size of our favorite pretzel.  We carry three types!  All are saturated fat free and full of flavor!1.5 oz Single Serve BagSticks, Mini's and Old Tyme (Thick) PretzelsSnyder's of Hanover Pretzel QualityFree UPS Ground... ..
 Snyders of Hanover Old Tyme Pretzels
Snyders of Hanover Old Tyme Pretzels.  Individual Old Tyme Snyders Pretzels.  Thick and hearty is the only way to describe this snack.  For those serious pretzel eaters, this is the one for you!Snyder's of Hanover Old Tyme Pretzels1.5 oz Snack... ..
 Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Minis (Fat Free)
Snyders of Hanover Mini Pretzel.  Individual Mini Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Twists.  The traditional pretzel shape with the expected Snyder's of Hanover quality.Snyder's of Hanover Mini Pretzel1.5 oz Snack Size BagTraditional Pretzel Twist ShapeDelicious and Fat Free!Free UPS Ground Shipping... ..
 Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Sticks
Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Sticks.  Individual Old Tyme Snyders of Hanover Pretzel Sticks.  The traditional pretzel in stick shape, and of course, with the expected Snyder's of Hanover quality.Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Sticks1.5 oz Snack Size BagStraight Sticks ShapeDelicious and... ..
 Trail Mixes and Nuts
  Trail Mixes and Nuts.  Natural goodness.  Portable and Muchable.  Category is always growing.  Featuring Kar's Nuts Products. Individually Packaged and SoldKar's Changed their packaging.  So the product is the same, but the packaing is all new.We are working on getting... ..
 Kar's Nuts - All Energy Trail Mix
Kar's Nuts All Energy Trail Mix.  Popular mix combines Nuts with Fruit.  If you like the combination of fruit with your nuts, then you will really like the quality of this product. Peanuts, Banana Chips, Raisins, Sunflower Kernels, Dates, Almonds... ..
 Kar's Nuts - Nut n Yogurt Trail Mix
Kar's Nuts - Nut n Yogurt Trail Mix.  For those that like a little "sweet" with their healthier snacks, this is a great choice. Peanuts, Raisins, Yogurt Drops, Sunflower Kernels and Almonds 2.00 oz Bag is the perfect size Free... ..
 Kar's Nuts Unsalted Trail Mix - Original
Kar's Nuts Trail Mix - Original Blend.  Our most popular brand of trail and nut mixes.  The original is an unsalted, 2.25 oz Trail Mix. Raisin, Peanuts, Sunflower Kernels, Almonds and Walnuts. Delicious and Unsalted 2.00 oz Free Shipping on Orders... ..
 Kar's Nuts Cashews (Salted)
Kar's Nuts Cashews.  Nothing but the best cashews in a snack pack that we have ever sold.  Convenient, Light, Fresh.  High Quality. Salted Cashews 1 oz Bag Free Shipping on Orders over $39.99 ..
 Kar's Nuts Salted Peanuts
Kar's Nuts Salted Peanuts.  High quality peanuts in a convenient 2.0 oz package.  Roasted, Salted Peanuts All Natural Free Shipping on all orders over $39.99 ..
 Kar's Nuts Sweet N Salty Mix
Kar's Nuts Sweet n Salty Mix.  The best of both worlds.  A healthier snack alternative that energizes and addresses the sweet tooth. Chococlate Candies, Raisins, Roasted Peanuts and Sunflower Kernels 2.0 oz Size Really, Really Satisfying and Popular. Free Shipping... ..
 Kar's Nuts Yogurt Apple Nut Mix
Kar's Yogurt Apple Nut Mix.  This is one our staff's favorite snacks.  Kid's and parents both love them.  Bright refreshing taste. Ingredients: Honey Peanuts, Yogurt Raisins, Sesame Sticks, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Apples and Almonds 1.5 oz Bag Kar's Nuts high quality... ..
 Kar's Peanut Almond Cashew Mix
Kar's Nuts Peanut Almond Cashew Mix. The name says it all. The perfect balance between the nut mixture makes this a healthy and satisfying snack. Ingredients: Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews 1.75 oz Bag Kar's quality packaging keeps product fresh Part... ..
 Kars Sunflower Kernels
Kar's Nuts Sunflower Kernels.  High quality sunflower kernels make the perfect snack.  Wholesome, natural, goodness. 2.0 oz Package Sunflower Kernels (no shells) Free Shipping on Orders over $39.99 ..
 Herbal & Hot Teas Store
Herbal and Hot Tea Store.  Our herbal and hot tea business is booming.  We are continually growing the line with brands that you know and trust!  Bigelow Tea, Ashbys of London Teas, Lipton Teas and of course Tazo Tea. Our... ..
 Bigelow Classic & Herbal Teas
Bigelow's Famous Classic  and Herbal Teas.  They all come in the 28 count value box, designed to fit perfectly in our authentic Bigelow Tea Racks.  Our 28 count box contains 40% more than the twenty count boxes sold in grocery... ..
 Bigelow Classic Teas
Bigelow Classic Teas are just that, Classic.  All of your favorites from Earl Grey to Darjeeling and Lemon Lift to Rasberry Royale.  Did you know?  That Bigelow Constant Comment is America's Most Popular Specialty Tea? Best Kept Secret: Bigelow French... ..
 Bigelow Earl Grey Tea (28 Count Box)
A really fine cup of tea is one of life's true pleasures. We heartily recommend Bigelow Earl Grey Tea for the enjoyment it will bring to your tea drinking. This delicately scented, aristocratic blend is an international favorite. We have... ..
 Bigelow English Teatime
Bigelow English Tea Time is typically English, rich in flavor, and appropriate for any tea drinking occasion Ingredients: black tea leaves.   28 Count box, 40% more than the boxes sold in grocery stores. Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders over... ..
 Bigelow Rasberry Royale Tea (28 Count)
Bigelow Rasberry Royale Tea.  The delicate flavor of raspberry gives this tea a delicious fruit flavor.  Try some Rasberry Royal today!! Comes in 28 count box suitable for display or distribution.  8 more units than the 20 count boxes sold... ..
 Bigelow Constant Comment Tea (28 count)
Bigelow Constant Comment Tea.  Created by Ruth Bigelow in her kitchen over 50 years ago "Constant Comment" is today America's most popular specialty tea. This original blend of the finest mountain-grown tea is deliciously flavored with rind of oranges and... ..
 Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea (28 Count)
Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea.  You will find Plantation Mint a delightful flavor surprise. Only the finest mountain-grown tea blended with natural spearmint.  One of our most popular teas in both summer and winter. Comes in a 28 count box (40% more... ..
 Biglelow Lemon Lift Tea (28 count)
 Bigelow Green Teas
Bigelow Green Teas ..
 Bigelow Green Tea
Bigelow Japaneese Green Tea is a favorite throughout the Far East this tea creates a fragrant, light, and mellow brew reputed to have many healthy properties.   We think you will enjoy Bigelow Green Tea. Comes in a 28 count box 8... ..
 Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon (28 Count)
 Bigelow Herbal Teas
Bigelow Herbal Teas.  Did you know that all Bigeow Herbal Teas are caffeine free? Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99 in Continental U.S.A. ..
 Bigelow Apple Cranberry Herbal Tea
Bigelow Apple Cranberry Herbal Tea Value Box.   With all the crispness of an Autumn day…Bigelow Cranberry Apple Herb Tea is like a touch of New England tradition. A delectable blend of fruit and herbs for you to enjoy hot or... ..
 Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal Tea (28 Count)
The most popular tea that we sell in the Bigelow line.  Bigelow I Love Lemon Herbal tea comes in an attractive 28 count box that also serves as a dispenser.  Bigelow I love lemon herbal tea fits perfectly in a... ..
 Bigelow Mint Medley Herbal Tea (28 Count)
Bigelow Mint Medley Tea.  Just as a lovely waterfall brings a sense of refreshment to your eyes and ears, Bigelow Mint Medley Tea will bring this same quality to your sense of taste. Enjoy Mint Medley -- its lively flavor refreshes... ..
 Bigelow Orange and Spice Herbal Tea (28 Count)
Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea herbal tea , what our delightful tea is made of. The old-fashioned goodness of the delicious herb tea will add something special to your day. Comes in a 28 count box 8 more than the 20... ..
 Bigelow Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea (28 Count)
Bigelow Cinnamon Apple in a 28 Count value box (20% More than those sold in grocery stores!  With all the crispness of an Autumn day.   Bigelow Apple Cinnamon Herb Tea is like a touch of New England tradition. A delectable blend... ..
 Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Tea (28 Count)
Biglelow Chozy Chamomile Herbal Tea in a 28 count value box.  28 individually sealed packaged of what many use to wind down during or after a hectic day.  Bigelow tea quality and chamomile ingredients, great product.  Try some Cozy Chamomile... ..
 Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea (28 Count)
 Bigelow Tea Variety Assortment Box (64 count)
Bigelow Variety Assortment Box (64 Count).  8 each of your 8 favorite teas, in one convenient variety pack. Made up of the following, Constant Comment, Lemon Lift, Green Tea, Earl Grey, English Tea Time, Orange & Spice, Cozy Chamomile and Rasberry... ..
 Bigelow Tea Racks and Assortments
Bigelow Tea Racks and Assortments.  This handy little rack will hold our special 28 count boxes of Bigelow Tea.  Perfect for the countertop. Tea is NOT included with the racks and must be purchased. Free Shipping Available on Orders Over... ..
 Tazo Tea by Starbucks
Tazo Tea by Starbucks Coffee Company.  Tazo tea is made with same pursuit of excellence that their coffee is famous for.  Rich, Full, Exquisite.  Sold in 24 Count boxes, each tea bag is individually wrapped to ensure freshess. Tazo takes... ..
 Lipton Tea (Reg and Decaf)
A perfect, cost effective substitute for non-coffee drinkers. Each box is designed to be used as a display either in a cabinet, or on a cabinet top. Available in Regular AND Decaf.  Lipton Tea, great name, great product.  Regular comes... ..
 Traditional Snacks
Traditional Snacks.  Snacks Direct to you!  Choose your favorites, mix and match.  Chips, Snacks, Cookies, Healthy Snacks.  Perfect for the home, lunch, office, dorm or anywhere, anytime.  Shipped to your door. Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99 in... ..
 Combos Pretzel Snacks
Combos Snack Pretzels.  One of America's favorite snacks.  Just the right size for snacking.  We have them available in the three most popular flavors.  All have a crunchy pretzel shell filled with Combos Cheese.1.8 oz Combos Pretzel Cheese Snacks3 Favorite... ..
 Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Snacks
Combos Cheddar Cheese Snack Pretzels.  One of America's favorite snacks.  Just the right size for snacking.  Combos Cheddar Cheese is our most popular flavor.  All have a crunchy pretzel shell filled with Combos Cheese.1.8 oz Combos Pretzel Cheddar Cheese SnacksBest... ..
 Combos Pizzaria Cheese Pretzel Snacks
Combos Pizzaria Cheese Snack Pretzels.  One of America's favorite snacks.  Just the right size for snacking.  Combos Pizzaria Cheese was our most requested flavor.  All have a crunchy pretzel shell filled with Combos Pizza Flavored Cheese.1.8 oz Combos Pretzel Pizzaria... ..
Cookies are still America's favorite snack, and we have some of the best available for you.  All of our selections are easy to store, and great for the "snack on the go" lifestyle.  ..
 Famous Amos Cookies
Famous Amos Cookies Snack Size. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Famous Amos brand cookies. Truly an American classic. Choose your favorite variety from the list below. Famous Amos Cookies.Come in convenient 2 oz packages.Free UPS Ground Shipping on Orders Over... ..
 GrandMa's Cookies (Snack Packs)
Grandma's Cookies Snack Packs.  Each of these delicious snack packs have two large cookies enclosed for your enjoyment. These wonderful treats are perfect for anyone in either of the GrandMa's flavor varieties. Choose your favorite below!GrandMa's Cookies Snack Packs.Come in... ..
 Mini Oreo Cookie Packs
Mini Oreo Cookie Packs.  Your favorite classic cookie compacted into a bite size treat. Just as good with milk as the original. Enjoyable for all ages!Mini Oreo Cookie PacksSnack size 1.5 oz packagesFree UPS Ground Shipping on Orders Over $39.99 ..
 Nutter Butter Cookies (4 pack)
Nutter Butter Cookies. Each pack contains four peanut-shaped wafers with a creamy peanut butter filling. A light, healthy snack great for the morning rush, lunch hour, or a bedtime snack (they taste great with milk!). Nutter Butter Cookies from Nabisco.Made... ..
 Pecan Shortbread Cookies (2 oz)
Pecan Shortbread Cookies. These cookies are light and crispy.  A perfect light snack for anytime of the day, but especially good with a morning cup of coffee.Basil's Pecan Shortbread Cookies - Bavarian StyleMini Shortbread Cookie PacksFree UPS Ground Shipping on... ..
 Snackwell's Vanilla Creme Cookies
Snackwell's Vanilla Creme Cookies.  Packaged in a convenient four pack sleeve. These creme filled delights are a great healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth without any of the guilt. Enjoy them any time of day!Snackwell's Vanilla Creme CookiesLightweight 1.7... ..
 Snack Crackers and Packs
Snack Crackers.  Light baked snacks with low sugar content.  Great to munch on in any situation. Individual Snack Crackers Mix and Match your favorites or try something new! Free Shipping on Orders over $39.99 to the 48 States. ..
 Cheezit Snack Crackers
Cheezits.  Our favorite cheese snack crackers available in the two most popular flavors.  Original and White Cheddar Cheezits available. Cheezits Snack Crackers 1.5 oz Snack Size Bag Original and White Cheddar Flavors Choose Flavor Below Free Shipping on Orders over... ..
 Chex Mix (Traditional)
Chex Mix Traditional. Chex Mix Traditional in a 1.75 oz convenient snack bag. A delicious mix of pretzels, crackers, and other goodies combine to make The Original Snack Mix. Chex Mix Traditional %60 less fat than chips Individually Packaged and Sealed... ..
 Lance Cracker Packs
Lance Cracker Packs.  Your favorite Lance Cracker Packs.  Each package contains 6 "cracker sandwiches".  Choose below, mix and match. Lance Cracker Packs Toastchee, Nekot, Wheat n Cheese and Toasty available Free UPS Ground Shipping on Orders Over $39.99 ..
 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cracker Packs.  They don't get much more popular than this.  Individually packaged, 1.5 oz servings are the perfect size for lunch, snack or at the office. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 1.5 oz Bag Classic Snack, Snack Pack Size... ..
 Ritz Bits Cheese Crackers
Ritz Bits Cheese Crackers. The classic flavor of Ritz crackers combines with a cheesy filling to create these delicious treats. Conveniently small packaging makes them great for when you're on the go. Ritz Bits Cheese Crackers1.5 oz Individual Snack Size... ..
 Wheat Thins Snack Packs
Wheat Thins Snack Pack.  All natural golden wheat goodness.  A true classic that continues to satisfy.  Baked to perfection. 1.75 oz Bag Perfectly Portioned Free Shipping on Orders Over $39.99 to 48 States ..
 Snack Size Chips
Your favorite Snack Size Chips shipped directly to your door. Free UPS Ground Shipping on all orders over $39.99 in Continental U.S.A. ..
 Cheetos Crunchy & Baked Crunchy (Snack Size)
Cheetos Crunchy & Baked Snack Size Chips.  Fresh and Convenient.  Available in the ever popular Crunchy and Baked Cheetos Crunchy. Choose your favorite below. Cheetos Crunchy & Baked Snack Size Chips. Crunchy come in 1 oz bags; Baked come in... ..
 Doritos Tortilla Chips
Doritos Tortilla Chips.  These handy snacks are perfect for a quick bite when you're on the go. Packaged in convenient 1.25 oz bags. We offer the Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch varieties. Choose your favorite below. Doritos Tortilla Chips. Lightweight... ..
 Fritos Corn Chips
Fritos Corn Chips. These classic favorites are a great item for parties, barbeques, or just a nice snack throughout the day. We offer the Chili Cheese and Original varieties. Choose your favorite below! Fritos Corn ChipsConvenient 1.25 oz bagsFree UPS... ..
 Lays Potato Chips
Lays Potato Chips. The classic flavor of Lays in three varieties. Choose your favorite below and take the challenge. We bet you can't eat just one!Lays Potato Chips.Come in Classic, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar flavors.Convenient 1... ..
 Munchos Potato Crisps
Munchos Potato Chips from Frito Lay.  Nice, full and fluffy.  At almost a full ounce a bag, they mak the perfect after sandwich chip, or in between meal snack.  Munchos are one of our most requested chips. Free UPS Ground... ..
 Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream
Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream Potato Chips.  These popular chips with ridges come in a handy 1 oz snack size bag.  Perfect for snacks, breaks or lunch boxes.  Just enough, without being too much. Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream Chips from Frito... ..
 TGI Friday's Chips and Snacks
   TGI Fridays Chips and Snacks.  Creative snack foods made of the highest quality.  Each of our offerings is the Perfect Snack Size. Free Shipping to 48 States on Orders Over $39.99 ..
 TGI Fridays Cheddar Bacon Tato Skins
TGI Fridays Cheddar Bacon Tato Skins.  Snack Size bags.  The most popular in the TGIFriday's line, these hearty potato chips make a perfect snack. TGI Fridays Cheddar Bacon Chips 1 oz Bag Free Shipping on all Orders Over $39.99 ..
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